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function deploy(address orderToken, address quoteToken, address baseToken, bytes32 salt, uint96 quoteUnit, int24 makerFee, uint24 takerFee, uint128 a, uint128 d) external returns (address)

Deploys a new stable market.

Only the market factory can call this function.


orderTokenaddressThe address of the new market's order token.
quoteTokenaddressThe quote token address.
baseTokenaddressThe base token address.
saltbytes32The salt used to compute the address of the contract.
quoteUnituint96The amount that one raw amount represents in quote tokens.
makerFeeint24The maker fee. Paid to the maker when negative, paid by the maker when positive. Every 10000 represents a 1% fee on trade volume.
takerFeeuint24The taker fee. Paid by the taker. Every 10000 represents a 1% fee on trade volume.
auint128The starting price point.
duint128The common difference between price points.

Return Values

[0]addressThe address of the deployed stable market.